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1/15/04  Dakota County, Minnesota -

 When a plastics company in Sioux Falls needs to get two pallets of moldings to Atlanta and they need them there by Friday, how does that "hot" load get to it's destination on time. How many calls will it take, is it even possible, did we get the paper work started, we've never shipped to Atlanta how are we going to get setup that fast with a carrier that goes their? These are the type of questions that Shipping managers face all the time. In this case all the questions were answered in the one phone call to Controlled Logistics.

  Controlled Logistics a Burnsville, Minnesota company covers the globe with a network of shipping and logistics services. Lisa Dockter, Operations Manager points out that while they ship across the globe most of the freight they move tends to be LTL, that is less than truck load deliveries in the lower forty eight states and Canada.

 We asked Dockter what a company in Minnesota can do for a South Dakota company. Dockter told us "South Dakota, California, Texas or Minneapolis you are only as far away as your telephone or keyboard. One call or by filling out an online form your shipment process is complete. We take care of the logistics, generate the necessary paper work and track the shipment from start to finish to assure the delivery expectations have been met."

 When Dockter got a call from a new customer saying they have tried everything but cannot get their freight moved it seems to make her day. An hour later paper work was being faxed to the customer for a next day pickup.

 Logistics, like the words calculus and statistics congers up a lone person at a desk with cup full of pencils and a stack of paper. That is a far cry from the truth. We experienced a computer game like atmosphere with people moving freight with the passion of a teenager trying to get to the eighteen level.


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